2015 Steel Valley Try-Out Results

Thank-You for attending our try-outs this previous Sunday.  The players listed below are being offered a postion in our club.  If your name appears below you must e-mail porterhub@aol.com to accept or decline the offer.  Please do this as soon as possible. Please complete the full registration and choose Steel Valley Volleyball Club on the OVR Website.   If your name appears below and you accept the position you lucky patcher ios must attend the Organizational Meeting on December 2nd at 5:00 PM at the Hubbard High School Cafeteria.  If your name does not appear below you will be kept on the waiting list for our club and will be notified if a postion in your age group opens up.   Thank-You Jeremy Porter

Players Accepted From 2-3:30 Tryout

1. Alyssa Croyle

2. Mia Pantalon

3. Mackenzie Karabin

4. Isabella Wyndham

5. Elizabeth Eucker

6. Emily Gilger

7. Katelyn Lesko

8. Gracie Bencetic

9. Karissa Fahndrich

10. Bailee Beason

11. Mia Persia

12. Mia Langley

13. Sydney Bowser

14. Marissa Zoccali

15. Lexi Inman

16. Audrey Hostetter

17. Madilyn Moran

18. Bridgett Burris

19.  Katie Hackett

20. Bianca Naples

21. Kamryn Ross

22. Destiny Goodnight

23. Jenna Lyn O'Hara

24. Melody Lowe

25. Casey Sandford

26. Jenna Kelver

27. Emily Campana

28. Hannah Nawrocki

29. Chelsea Marsh

30. Abigal Messett

31. Jane Parry

Players Accepted From 3:30-5:00 Try-Out

1.  Myra Taylor

2.  Myah Busse

3. Samantha Cottrill

4. Caille Evans

5. Liliana Schiavone

6. Ruthie Sandberg

7. Morgan Donatelli

8. Kristen Fahndrich

9. Hannah Kidd

10. Grace Slaina

11. Emma Dellinger

12. Danielle Krahe

13. Erica Knox

14. Hannah Welterdink

15. Alayah Chavers

16. Josie Toporcher

17. Kellie Applegate

18. Lana Adi

19. Kaylin Shackleford

20. Avery Underwood

21. Macey Garland

22. Caroline Hennerman

23.  Alexis Minor

24. Bailee Wolonzyk

25. Angelina Ciacone

26. Madison Buch

27. Emily Krinos

28. Emilie Miasek

29. Ashley Hackett

30. Taylor Cassassa

31. Carly Cassassa

32. Courtney Helper

33. Rian Yost

34. Katie Platt

35. Courtney Platt

36. Taylor Rowlands

37. Lara Quirk

38. Kylei Mosora

39. Ally Adler

40. Danielle Collier

41. Miranda Dodrill

42. Shymara Dykes

43. Maleah Schiavone

44. Madison Bonekovic

45. Alivia Sandberg

46. Katie Bender

47. Delany Saxton



Post Try-out Information


What Will Happen After Try-Outs??

After try-outs the coaches will get together and choose their teams.  We will post teams on this webpage by Tuesday after the try-out.  You will need to accept or decline the offer by e-mailing the Club Director at porterhub@aol.comIf you accept our club's offer to participate parents will need to attend an informational meeting at Hubbard High School on Tuesday December 2nd at 5:00PM in the high school cafeteria to sign the club contract, get uniform sizes, fundraisers, and to pay a down payment.  The first practice will be the first Sunday of January.  Practice will run each Sunday of January and February.  Practice times will be 3PM-5PM for 12's,13's,14's,15's and 5PM-7PM  for 16's,17's and 18's(These times may change depending on available gym times) Tournaments will start in late February or Early March at which time practices will move to a weeknight (Wednesday or Thursday depending on your coach).  Your child will play in six tournaments and the OVR Championships in Columbus Ohio for a total of seven tournaments.  The 12 year old team is an exception they will play in four tournaments and possibly the OVR Championship.  If your child is not originally offered a spot with our club, we will keep a waiting list of players to fill spots of players who do not accept a postion in our club. 


Jeremy Porter

Trumbull Volleyball Club Name Change

Club Members,

I have taken over the club from Chuck Montgomery.  First, I would like to thank Chuck for all the hard work he has done in establishing and maintaining Trumbull Volleyball Club over the years.  Because of me moving from assistant director to director, we will be changing the club name.  The Club name will be Steel Valley Volleyball Club.  I assure you our goals will be the same as always.  Our club strives to give your daughter the best opportunity to become a great player.  Our history has shown this success in the high number of girls who have played in college and also the success of our local high school teams.  We have a great coaching staff lined up this year:

Bob Calvin- Brookfield Head Coach

Becca Calvin-  Lakeview JV Coach(Former YSU Player)(All State Player)

Lexi Starheim- Sharpsville JV Coach(All American Westminster Player, All State Player)

Courtney Angelo- Theil College and All-State Player

Ron Slipkasky- Niles Head Coach

Rob Haladay- Niles JV Coach

Kim Bodak- Hubbard JV Coach

Meghan Kay- Champion Head Coach(Theil College, All-State Player)

Josh Howard- Hubbard Coach, YSU Player

Marie Lingenfleter-  Howland Coach

Katie Wright- Hubbard Coach (Former YSU Player)

Blake Veguila- YSU Player

Jeremy Porter- Club Director- Hubbard Head Coach- Trumbull County Coach of the year, District One Coach Of the Year, District Championship winner 2014

We hope to see you at the try-out!

Please bring you OVR CARD

Thank You

Jeremy Porter