IP address meaning – How to log in a Router is a private Internet Protocol (IP) address. These routes just like the Linksys (commonly used by the broadband routers of Linksys) and are used by other brands as a gateway or as an access point. This IP address is also called Host address. Different firms usually set up the router admin address in this IP address so that the network administers can configure their networks and routers. Network administers commonly use this IP address to set up a new router or to update the settings of an existing router. IP address meaning – How to log in a Router

A personal computer, a printer or any device can be set up in a way that it can avail this address rather than a router, but that network setup is not recommended as this may lead to the conflicts between the IP address. A person may not be able to know the IP address of the router, and basically, it is pointless remembering it as the mobile phones and other devices can connect to the router by the router’s SSID (Service Set Identifier). Here is a five easy step to login to When you access or configure your router through this IP address, you get to change the configurations and settings that are initially provided by the router software.

  1. Initially, enter the IP address that is mentioned above in the address bar of your browser.
  2. If an error message pops up, then the entered IP address does not match the IP address of your router. Try to find the right one from the internet.
  3. When you get your IP address and finished pasting it into the address bar, you will be led to a user login panel. There enter the router username and password.
  4. You will always have a default username and password. You can also change the username and password and it is better to change it for your convenience.
  5. Once you have entered the necessary details, you will be able to change the internet settings. i.e. you will have the privileges of an admin.

It is important to note that for most routers the default password and username is set as admin. If you forget the username and password you entered, then take a pin or a toothpick and insert in in the hole of your router that reads Reset Button. Sometimes you may not be able to login to it and that can be due to various reasons. Some reasons are listed below.

  1. The router might have failed and is acting unresponsive to the connections set via the browser you used.
  2. The router is programmed or set up in a way to use a different IP address rather than this one.
  3. The network and your personal network have failed to join the network.

How to find the IP address of your router? If the router is not programmed in a way to use the above IP address, then you must check the documentation provided by the manufacturer along with the router or check the websites suggested by the manufacturer.  Other than, and is also commonly used. How to troubleshoot a router that has been unresponsive for a while You can follow the network troubleshooting method to know why a router which is set up with the above IP address is becoming unresponsive. The issues may differ according to various situations. Sometimes it may be a minute problem with the client device or it can be the problem with the connection that is set up. It can also be due to the problems that occur within the router itself. Even if the router set up to IP is working properly, the setup of the computer network may be wrong, which can cause connection malfunctions.