Thank-You From Steel Valley Volleyball Club

We would like to thank all players, parents, and coaches for a great 2016 season with Steel Valley Volleyball Club.  We wish you luck in your fall school seasons and hope to see you next season at Steel Valley Volleyball.  We will have try-outs at the end of the high school/junior high season.    All updates will be posted on the website.


Steel Valley Volleyball

Coach Ron Slipkasky’s Team Finishes 3rd at tough Two Day Toledo Tournament

The Steel Valley 15's had a great weekend with a third place finish in Toledo.  They defeated the number one seeded Blackswamp team in pool play and fell to the enventual tournament champion in the Gold Bracket Semi-Finals.  Great Job!!

10 Best Benefits of Not Masturbating Women

If you are watching porn on a regular basis or like to indulge yourself in wild fantasy about women then most likely you have a habit of masturbating. This is a habit which isn’t easy to resist upon and constant thoughts deep inside your mind will keep hitting you hard breaking down your focus and attention level. Some might think masturbation is a necessity of human nature as it brings a tremendous amount of sexual pleasure without the need of having sex but there are benefits involved for not allowing you to develop the habit of masturbation. In this article, you will get to know some of the actual benefits of giving up masturbation.

10 Best Benefits of Not Masturbating Women

Active Morning: You can stay awake during morning time and increase your productivity throughout the day. It’s very hard to fall asleep with a hard erection while having constant thoughts about boobs and asses but you can wake up early in the morning. It is proven through studies that not masturbating increases your testosterone level and you feel more energetic at morning time.

Spice up Your Sex Life: Your sex life starts to improve as you stop masturbating. You get more erection just by looking at a naked body without the need of hand job or blow job to harden yourself. This can help to create a positive image in your partner’s eye and she will start appreciating you. Your sex drive increases more and you can pleasure your girl more as of her need.

Save Time: Not masturbating usually saves up a lot of time. Not everyone has a wild imagination to masturbate without watching any nude image or videos and involving in such actions can eat up a lot of your time. Save time and live better.

Captivate Women’s Attention: When you give up masturbating women will start noticing your level of focus and concentration ability. This way you become more attractive to them and win over their hearts.

Enhance Social Activity: Not masturbating requires you to substitute your endorphins other than pleasuring yourself all on your own and hence you might want to go around and talk to people and pleasure yourself. In this way, your social awareness tends to increase making you a social being.

Appreciate Your Body: If you stop thinking about pussy, ass, and boob of other girls you will lose interest in masturbation and at one point you start appreciating your own body and start caring for other parts of your body other than your penis.

Expands Your Creativity: The power to give up masturbation can be replaced with the power of expanding your creativity in terms of your work or your hobby. You start thinking more than necessary and imagine out of the ordinary. Your mind is not constrained within yourself rather it’s out to the open world for others to discover you and appreciate your creativity. Go out there and show the world what you can think and the caliber of your creativity.

Build Your Desired Body: You can substitute masturbation with daily routine workouts to replace the endorphins which need to be released from your brain. Hence, from six-pack abs to 18-inch biceps you have the ability to do it all at the cost of giving up masturbation. So don’t sit, watch porn and masturbate every day hit the gym and be the bodybuilder you wanted to be deep down inside.

No More Erectile Dysfunction: Please your girl with the hard rock erection that she craves for by stopping masturbation. You can ejaculate more and impress your girl with all the proper erection needed at the appropriate time. Rock your bed harder than the rock and walk away from erectile dysfunction.

Diminish Social Anxiety: If you start socializing when you are on a period of not masturbating, you will have more confidence to commence a conversation and take it slow and smooth. Thus your social anxiety of standing in a group and speaking in public goes away and you can connect with more people and build a better network.