2016/2017 Try-Out Results

Thank-You for attending the Steel Valley Volleyball Club Try-Outs this past weekend.  We had a great turn-out!!   We have outstanding experienced coaches for the 12,13, and 14 year old teams and feel we have very competitive teams. You can read short bios on each coach in a seperate post.  We plan on having Two 12 year old teams, Three 13 year old teams, and Three 14 year old teams.  If the players name has been listed below they have made the Steel Valley Volleyball Club for this upcoming season. If the players name is not listed, the player has been placed on a call back list.  Please send an e-mail to steelvalleyvbc@gmail.com to either accept or decline your invitation.

If you accept– send in the Steel Valley Contract with the first payment and also payment for any other orders (Spandex–You can wear any black spandex),Sweat Top, Sweat Bottom,&Parent Clothing). Also, you must choose Steel Valley VBC as your club through USA Volleyball so we can put you onto a team. You can do this at the same place you got your original USA Volleyball Card.

You can send in the contract and payment to:

Jeremy Porter/Steel Valley Volleyball

515 Melody Lane

Hubbard, Ohio 44425

  Thank-You once again for attending!!


1.  Kamryn Duritza

2.  Cailey Boyle

3.  Mia Donatelli

4.  Liana Pagano

5.  Maggie Gredel

6.  Addison Fonderlin

7.  Alayna Arnal

8.  Lauren Shingledecker

9.  Logan Shingledecker

10.  Natelie Tobey

11. Lanie Vennetti

12.  Jenna Stevens

13.  Alaina Thigpen

14.  Aubrey Panigall

15.  Brianna McCombs

16.  Skylar Werschey

17.  Ashley Rogers

18.  Sierra Boggia

19. Caitlyn Duffield

20. Kaitlyn Shane

1.  Adrieene Elliot

2.  Paige Reed

3.  Sierra Arnal

4.  Grace Ferris

5.  Hayle Croyle

6.  Gillian Ryser

7.  Delany Panigall

8.  Sydney Angelo

9.  Madison Angelo

10.  Ally Quirk

11. Brooke Demidovich

12.  Allysa Dill

13.  Abbie Householder

14.  Lauren Yohman

15.  Olivia Leskovac

16.  Helena Antalocy

17.  Reagan Fleming

18.  Shawne-Marinn Murphy

19.  Cassi Boyle

20.  Ellie Moore

21.  Bailey O'Brien

22. Brynn Yale

23. Olivia Remmick

24.  Gracie Crown

25.  Hannah Sinn

26.  Carly Hawn

27.  Caly Lantz

28.  Maddie Grey

29.  Samantha Emery

30.  Abigal Deemer

31.  Halle Snider

32. Emily Gredol

1.  Keegan McConahy

2.  Payten Cylar

3.  Maura Mulligan

4.  Maddie Sisler

5. Carlie Miller

6.  Atlanta Spahlinger

7.  Giaona Caputo

8.  Rachel Wiesen

9.  Nikole Hasnick

10.  Josie Mellot

11.  Chloe Schultz

12.  Mary Brock

13.  Gianna Hanshaw

14.  Isabella Hartman

15.  Mia Pantalone

16.  Makenzie Karabin

17.  Leah Lattanzi

18.  Karissa Fahndrich

19.  Sydney Bowser

20.  Grace Bencetic

21.  Audrey Kali

22.  Rylee Schiffert

23.  Emily Gilger

24.  Elly Eucker

25.  Ava Spano

26.  Emily Knox

27.  Aniyah Anderson

28.  Carla Thigpen

29.  Shelbi Fernholz

30.  Emily Filicky

31. Maddy Golias

2017 Coaches in the 12, 13, and 14 age Groups

2016/2017 Steel Valley Coaching Staff 12 year old through 14 year old level–


12 Year Old Teams:

Bob Calvin-  Varsity Coach at Brookfield High School, Steel Valley Coach for over 12 years

Becca Calvin- Coach at Brookfield High School, Former Youngstown State Player, All-Star Player at Lakeview High School

13 Year Old and 14 Year Old Teams

Maria Householder-Canfield Head Coach, Numerous Coach of the Year Awards, Numerous 20 win Seasons,Played at Youngstown State University

Ron Slipkasky- Varsity Coach at Niles High School, Steel Valley Club Assistant Director, High Level Beach and Indoor Player, Former Boardman Varsity Coach

Kim Bodak- Hubbard Junior Varsity Coach, Played on State Final Four Teams at Austintown Fitch High School

Rob Hollada –Coach at Niles High School, Long Time Steel Valley Club Coach

Chris Caputo-Hickory High School (PA)  Varsity Assistant and Junior High Coach Coach-Played on State Ranked teams at Farrell High School

Sarah Scwartz- Played at Conneaut High School in PA,Played for Flash VBC under Pennsylvania Hall Of Fame Coaches, Slippery Rock University Graduate

Abbey Agler-  Former standout player at Hubbard High School, Toledo University Graduate

Brian Householder-Steel Valley Coach will assist Coach Householders team.

Jeremy Porter- Hubbard High School Varsity Coach, Steel Valley Club Director




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The Best Hiking Boots for Women – 2017 Guide and Reviews!!

Somebody said – Life is a book and in the event that you haven't voyage you have perused just a single page. Voyaging has been a critical piece of our life and will remain so. Some like recreation voyaging while some are enterprise explorers. 

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We can't simply wear any shoes and go for climbing, it relies upon the sort of climbing, the landscape, the climate conditions and considerably more. As continually choosing a couple of best boots is an unquestionable requirement. 

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Best Climbing Boots for Ladies: 

Elements that assistance in picking the best climbing boots for ladies: 

Weight:- There is an enormous assortment of shoes in the market with shifting weight. It thoroughly relies upon your landscape decision. Lightweight or Heavyweight it's up to the client solace and territory. Lightweight climbing shoes, as by name recommend are adaptable and light, however, turn out to be helpful for a day or an overnight climb just though heavyweight boots are extreme, hardened yet can be depended upon. These are useful for rough hard landscape and these will be your rucksack accomplice for some coming years. 

Strength:- Technically security is subject to the shank ( a bit of plastic amongst outsole and padded sole). Its length differs from simply under the lower leg or curve or in the full boot length. 

Waterproof:- Now all climbing boots are made waterproof giving them an edge and additional component to decide to. GTX or Gore-Tex is celebrated among all or a few brands even have an in-house waterproof method or covering. 

Breathable:- To make the adventure agreeable and less tiring, it's critical that the shoe has breathability. We have gotten notification from numerous that waterproofing doesn't influence breathability however actually someplace it affects. So check while purchasing that both waterproof and breathability gelling admirably with each other. 

Binding style:- clients frequently have a tendency to overlook the bands yet it affects the solace and fit. Poor binding causes a tiring and a difficult excursion by and large. 

Upper material:- the texture that associates the elastic outsole, which straightforwardly relates with the shoe strength, durability, and waterproofing. There are different sorts of materials utilized, for example, Synthetic Nylon and Mesh, Nubuck and softened cowhide, Full grain calfskin and others moreover. 

Padded sole:- During climbing we can't overlook the padded sole structure or the material utilized for making it. A decent padded sole demonstrates to a superior safeguard from sudden effects and a twofold layer of insurance from the rough trail. Its thickness relies upon the utilization and the outline. Produced using EVA froth or PU or from a blend of both, the padded sole assumes a critical part in choosing your boots. 

EVA froth is relatively light in weight and utilized as a part of the development of thin and light weighted shoes. There can shift from super delicate to mellow hardened ones as well. These EVA froth are for the most part costly. 

PU or polyurethane will be utilized when the creator needs the shoe to shield you from unpleasant effects. Not as delicate or padded as EVA froth but rather are best for long haul utilize and amid conveying heavier burdens they bolster better. 

Insoles:- Choosing a legitimate fit insole can be a genuine torment in the head. Subsequent to attempting numerous alternatives on the off chance that you are getting the issue in the insole, it better to select a different insole from the market that would be custom fit. The great insole can alter the volume inside the shoe as indicated by your feet, can diminish the effect stuns, enhance the fit under the curve. 

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Find Your Date With Tinder App – How Does Tinder Work?

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Steel Valley Registration–To save time at check in you can print and bring this form Thank-You!!

Steel Valley Volleyball Club Registration Form


Player Name:_______________

Parent E-Mail:______________

Home Telephone__________     Cell Phone:_________

Parents Names:_____________________

School Attending:___________


2015 JO Program:_________________

Parent Release:

I____________ parent of___________give permission for my daughter to participate in the Steel Valley Volleyball Club.  I understand that any sport can pose a risk of injury at any time, and release coaches/club directors of any liability in cases of injury.  I understand that the coaching staff will supervise players at all times in the gymnasium.  I accept the above terms:

____________________(Parent Signature)

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On the off chance that you are utilizing Windows 10 at that point chances are you are confronting Unable to Connect to Nvidia. Attempt again later mistake while introducing NVIDIA GeForce Experience Graphic Drivers on Windows 10 desktops and Laptops. In this post, we will present the absolute most viable answers for you settle this issue. 

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GeForce Experience Unable to Connect to NVIDIA Windows, Update Error 

November 1, 2017 by administrator 1 Comment (Edit) 

On the off chance that you are utilizing Windows 10 at that point chances are you are confronting Unable to associate with NVIDIA. Attempt again later mistake while introducing NVIDIA GeForce Experience Graphic Drivers on Windows 10 desktops and Laptops. In this post, we will present probably the most powerful answers for you settle this issue. 

The vast majority are experiencing the issue of not being able to interface with NVidia when they're refreshing their Windows OS of form 7 or more. This turns out to be especially tricky for an assortment of gamers as it is the absolute entirety of this gaming framework and is the thing that furnishes the framework with control. Be that as it may, this issue can be illuminated with the assistance of two or three clear advances. 

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Fix Unable to Connect to NVIDIA Windows:

With regards to introducing realistic cards, Nvidia is the best. However, yet, many individuals are going over the issue when refreshing their window OS 7 to 10 or over; they are not ready to associate with Nvidia. Presently the realistic cards are the complete self of each gamer that plays the amusements regularly on PC. In this manner they can't avoid such challenges. 

NVIDIA's GeForce Experience is a friend program which is utilized to give programmed driver updates and games improvement for GTX picture card clients. Despite the fact that this is an exceptionally supportive application which makes the errand of keeping drivers ebb and flow, it can cause bunches of inconveniences too. Now and then, you may encounter the Unable to interface with NVIDIA or Unable to refresh driver's messages while GeForce is attempting to download the most recent drivers. This can happen whenever and for any time allotment. Despite the fact that it doesn't make your framework unusable, it might make a few recreations unplayable particularly on the off chance that you can't refresh drivers for quite a while period. 

Refresh GeForce Experience:

One of the real issue Unable to Connect to Nvidia can be effectively settled utilizing Update GeForce Experience. You have to physically refresh it to the most recent rendition. You can download the most recent form from NVIDIA bolster site.

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Try-Out Membership Information

Players must have a try-out membership through USA Volleyball.  You can find this information at Ovr.org.  The membership information is under the juniors tab.  There will be directions on how to set up an account.  Please bring a copy of your membership card and a signed waiver to try-outs.  Please arrive 30 minutes early on your try-out day.  Try-Out Fee is $15.00.


Some of the Important Steps of Using SHAREit on PC

Are you looking forward to using SHAREit on your PC? If yes, look for some amazing tips that we have come up with in this guide. There are many ways you can easily use this app on your PC. This is an extensively used app to be used in mobile but PC users are also demanding its usage in a wide scale.

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After completing the above procedure, click on Save. This app works wonderfully on your PC and the procedure is very simpler as well.