Find Your Date With Tinder App – How Does Tinder Work?

Today the world is entangled in 0s and 1s. Then why the love God should be left behind? Everyone has a digital presence in one way or the other. So the Cupid has also found a way to strike his arrow digitally. The human dating has taken the whole new shape in this digital world. There are loads of dating apps like Tinder for PC where you can find your date. Tinder is one of these dating apps which was launched in 2012 and is getting popular day by day. Gone are the days when you have to catch up with your blind date over a cup of coffee that ended up with the sour taste. Some of the dates went so bad that it was the total waste of time and money. But these digital dating apps has revolutionized the dating world. Now you don’t need to face and feel the pinch of an embarrassing situation.

How Does Tinder Work?

Tinder facilitates the communication of people with common interest. You can download tinder App free of cost on your Android or iOS device. You need to log in with Facebook. And so there is a need for Facebook account. ThoughTindernever posts on your Facebook, you need to grant access to your device location. For the very first time when you open Tinder then you need to set up your profile by providing general information along with your 6 photographs. You need to enter your interests, on the basis of which you will get access to the profile pictures of people with similar interest. With an option like Smart Photo, the app selects the best photo of yours to show as the very first photo of you. You can adjust settings according to your preference like the gender you want to meet, distance, location and age range. Along with the app, the company has launched the web version also. So people who were facing a problem with the storage can now hit Tinder for PC also, for dating. This web version is called Tinder Online.

Here you Go!

After login to the app or the web version and setting up your profile you are all set to find your match or date. You need to tap the fire icon at the top of the screen to find people. You can swipe left to reject the person and swipe right to select the person. But in Tinder for PC, instead of swiping you need to drag a person’s card to the right or left. When there is a match then Tinder alerts you and you have an access to chat with your match. You can tap the blue star button to show your super interest in a person.