Try-Out Results from November 13th

Thank-You for attending the Steel Valley Volleyball Club Try-Outs this past weekend. We have outstanding experienced coaches for the 15 and 16 year old teams and feel we have very competitive teams.  Because of a low turn out for the 17 year old/11th grade age level this year we will not be able to field a team this season.  


 If the players name has been listed below they have made the Steel Valley Volleyball Club for this upcoming season. If the players name is not listed, the player has been placed on a call back list.  Please send an e-mail to to either accept or decline your invitation. If you accept– send in the Steel Valley Contract with the first payment and also payment for any other orders (Spandex–You can wear any black spandex),Sweat Top, Sweat Bottom,&Parent Clothing). Also, you must choose Steel Valley VBC as your club through USA Volleyball so we can put you onto a team. You can do this at the same place you got your original USA Volleyball Card.  Our first practice will be Sunday December 4th at Hubbard High School from either 1PM-3Pm or 3Pm-5Pm, we will list your teams time on the website soon.

You can send in the contract and payment to:

Jeremy Porter/Steel Valley Volleyball

515 Melody Lane

Hubbard, Ohio 44425

  Thank-You once again for attending!!


1.  Chloe Fleming

2.  Bridgette Burris

3.  Haylee Mathey

4.  Skye Martin

5.  Bella Stafanak

6.  Monica Walls

7.  Kayla Nichols

8.  Mia Salcedo

9.  Gabby Stevens

10.  Lyndsay Saxton

11.  Alexandria Anderson

12.  Sydney Fox

13.  Jenna O'Hara

14.  Jasmine Currie

15.  Kayla Fitzgerald

16.  Adriana Parella

17.  Laney Miller

18.  Hannah Roose

19.  Erica Carnes

20.  Alexis Ward

21.  Kaitlyn Putnam

22.  Jenna Kelver

23.  Brigita Ositis

24.  Hannah Nawrocki

25.  Kailee James

26.  Jane Parry

27.  Adriana Troutman

28.  Marissa Yourstowsky

29.  Aleia Osbourne

30.  Isabella Cionni

31.  Abigal Messett

32.  Chelsea Marsh

33.  Kelly Applegate

34.  Ashley Davidson

35. Kendall Werschey

36.  Melina Manning






Steel Valley Try-Outs for Grades 9th-11th (Ages 15,16 and 17) are this Sunday November 13th at Hubbard High School

Try-outs for grades 9th to 11th are this Sunday from 1PM-3PM at Hubbard High School.  You must be registered with USA volleyball.  Please print out the Steel Valley registration form you can find below and bring it filled out to the try-out.  Please arrive 30 minutes early to check in.  The try-out fee is $15.00.  Any questions email