Sunday December 10th First Practice Information

The first practice will be Sunday December 10th at Hubbard High School.

Ages 12 and under to 14 year olds will practice 1PM-3PM  (Grades 5th to 8th)

Ages 15 to 17 will practice 3PM-5PM  (Grades 9th to 11th)

*Please Update OVR/USA Volleyball Registration and choose Steel Valley VBC as your club so you can be added to a team

* Please send in down payment and any order forms before the first practice.

Thank You

Steel Valley Try Out Results from November 12th 2017

Steel Valley Volleyball is offering roster positions to the following players for the 2017-2018 season. Please email your decision within the time frame of the Ohio Valley Region Policy.


1.  Chloe Kovac

2.  Payton Loomis

3.  Olivia Valot

4. Kelsey Gargano

5.  Rachel Wiesen

6.  Sydney DeGaten

7.  Keegan McConahy

8.  Mara Mulligan

9.  Maddie Stein

10.  Autumn McDonough

11.  Ava Spano

12.  Leanne Chandler

13.  Madison Sisler

14. Giaona Caputo

15.  Payten Cylar

16. Carla Thigpen

17.  Alexandra Drewek

18.  Madison Hammond

19.  Emily Gilger

20.  Atanta Spahlinger

21.  Emily Knox

22.  Tacina Kester

23. Emily Filicky

24.  Aniyah Anderson

25.  Elly Eucker

26.  Claire Summerfield

27.  Kathryn Summerfield

28.  Monica Walls

29.  Amelia Montgomery

30. Victoria Peltonen

31.  Kayla Nichols

32.  Lillana Norris

33.  Chloe Fleming

34.  Cassie Cope

35.  Sydney Fox

36.  Lyndsay Saxton

37.  Haylee Mathey

38.  Skye Martin

39. Isabella Stefanik

40.  Mikaela Theisler

41.  Mia Salcedo

42.  Courtney Hubbard

43.  Kellee Applegate

44.  Ashley Davidson

45.  Melina Manning

46.  Alexis Weekley

47.  Jenna O'Hara

48.  Adriana Parella

49.  Jane Parry

50.  Kendall Werschey

51.  Jasmine Currie

52.  Erica Carnes

53.  Chelsea Marsh

54.  Hannah Nawrocki

 Thank You for attending the Steel Valley Try Out on November 12th.  If your name is not on the list above it has been added to our waiting list.

Steel Valley Try Out Results 2017

Steel Valley volleyball is offering roster positions for the 2017-2018 season.  Please email your decision within the time frame of Ohio Valley Region Policy.


1.  Ellie Rinck

2.  Alayna Arnal

3.  Gracie Westover

4.  Aubrey Panigall

5.  Norah Truex

6.  Skylar  Werschey

7.  Cailey Boyle

8. Ashley Rodgers

9.  Sophia Hartman

10.  Kylie Bailey

11.  Madison Bayus

12.  Natalee Albert

13.  Kennedy Sanderson

14.  Kaitlyn Pauley

15.  Olivia Maybee

16.  Emma Schmader

17. Sydney Poptic

18.  Sydney Alden

19. Bella Bruno

20.  Kaylee Shidemantle

21.  Sarah DeRosa

22. Myra Ferris

23.  Jenna Stevens

24.  Erica Giesey

25.  Ella Snyder

26.  Lex Spangler

27.  Alexis Murray

28.  Alaina Thigpen

29.  Logan Shingledecker

30.  Zoey Shaffer

31.  Mira Constantino

32.  Sophia D'Angelo

33. Parker Sheehan

34.  Lily Sample

35.  Marissa Winland

36.  Sierra Arnal

37.  Hannah Madden

38. Grace Ferris

39.  Cassi Boyle

40.  Shawne-Marinn Murphy

41.  Maddie Grey

42.  Gillian Ryser

43.  Delaney Panigall

44.  Mia Infante

45.  Gentry Simmons

46.  Jackie Kinnick

47.  Emily Benson

48.  Lydia Eicher

49.  Ashley Bahrey

50.  Jaelyn Applegarth

51.  Bailey O'Brien

52.  Erin Burke

53.  Lauren Roberts

54.  Samantha Emery

55.  Paige Reed

56.  Krysten Fine

57.  Kelsie Leshnack

58.  Gisellie Francis

59.  Lexa Dintino

60. Olivia Leskovac

61.  Helena Antalocy

62.  Taylor Smesko

63.  Hannah Sinn

64.  Kylie Commons

65.  Halle Snider

66.  Sydney Angelo

67.  Madison Angelo

68.  Adrienne Elliot

69.  Abbie Rummell

70.  Jamie Rummell

71.  Attaya Rhodes

72.  Lexie Drake

73.  Rylie Josnowski

74.  Rylie Tate

75.  Nikol Diaz

76.  Shayna Rogers

77. Kileigh Rice

78.  Jenna Melius

79. Samara Medley

80.  Jordan Lewis

81. Madison Grace 

82. Kaitlyn Duffield





2017-2018 Steel Valley Volleyball Tryout Information

Try-Outs for the Steel Valley Volleyball Club will be held at Hubbard High School

12's,13's,14's will try out on Sunday October 29th

Ages 12 and 13 will try out from 1:00PM-2:30PM (Grades 7th,6th,5th,4th)

Age 14 will try out from 3:00PM-4:30PM (Grade 8)


15's,16's and 17's will try out on Sunday November 12th

Ages 15,16 and 17 will tryout form 1:00PM-2:30PM

Important Information for Try-Outs

*  Players must be registered through USA Volleyball–Bring your card to Try-Out

*  There is a $20.00 Try-Out Fee—Make checks payable to Steel Valley Volleyball

* Any Questions contact Club Director Jeremy Porter at or call at 330-550-1658


Thank You For A Great Season!!

Steel Valley Volleyball Club would like to thank everyone for a great 2017 USA Volleyball season.  We appreciate all of the parents, players, and coaches in our club.  We had a great year and we could not do it without all the time and hard work you all put in to the season.  We hope to see you all next year for the 2018 season.  We will have try outs in late October for grades 5th-8th.  The try outs for grades 9th-11th will be in early November.  We are going to try to have American and Regional level teams next season as we feel we have an abundance of talent to compete at a high level.  Good luck in your upcoming school seasons and we hope to see you next fall.

Thank You So Much,

Steel Valley Volleyball